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No Shit, This Really Happened!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

10:41AM - Duty

Nobody ever wanted to stand watch with me on base in Corsica. Sentry duty usually meant just standing at attention by the main gate in your dress uniform for a couple of two-hour shifts, letting tourists take your picture. But invariably, all the shit happened on my watch.

Drunken college students out to pull a prank? My watch. Angry cuckolded husband doesn't know one man in uniform from another? My watch. Gaggle of reporters, protestors, Jehovah's Witnesses? My watch. Hell, one time I was standing out at the main gate in my dress uniform and President Clinton came by in a detour from some diplomatic tour just 'cause he'd always wanted to meet a Legionnaire. I got in trouble for breaking my stance at attention to shake his hand, but come on--it was the President of the US, y'know?

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Monday, January 10, 2005

4:48PM - Purely OOC, just thought it was too cool not to include here

The Paratrooper's Prayer
(As presented in "The Making of a Legionnaire," by Bill Parris; based on an original prayer by Andre Zirnheld, a paratrooper with the Free French Forces, killed in 1942)

God, give me what you have left,
give me what no one ever requests.

I am not asking you for a rest,
nor tranquility,
neither that of the soul nor the body.

I am not asking for wealth,
nor success, nor even health.

You are asked for all these so often,
that you must have none left.

Give me God what you do have left,
give me what no one wants.

I seek insecurity and disquiet,
I seek torment and combat,
and God, give them to me indefinitely,
that I am sure to have them always,
because I won't always have the courage to ask you.

Give me God what you have left,
give me what others don't want,
but also give me courage, strength and faith.

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

12:43PM - Chrysalis, Part II: Family (5)

The end of the beginning!

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12:35PM - Chrysalis, Part II: Family (4)

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12:16PM - Chrysalis, Part II: Family (3)

This part is a little longer than the previous entries, but it's where the fun starts.

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12:05PM - Chrysalis, Part II: Family (2)

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12:01PM - Chrysalis Part II: Family (1)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

12:49PM - Chrysalis: Why I'll Piss on Reagan's Grave (3)

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12:47PM - Chrysalis: Why I'll Piss on Reagan's Grave (2)

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

11:25PM - Chrysalis, Part 1: Why I'll Piss on Reagan's Grave (1)

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